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Ft. Myers Title Company Listening Lesson

Posted by Chris On November 21

Listening is such an integral part of a title company’s continuous improvement. We have to know what is important to our clientele in order to meet their needs, their wants, their pain points. And the only way to figure that out is to ask and listen.

Happy Buyers!

We survey our consumer clients – real estate buyers, sellers and homeowners who are refinancing – and our real estate professional clientele at the beginning and end of every transaction. And every Friday morning during our daily huddle we review the data as a team in order to better understand our customers’ perspectives. Today we thought we’d share some consumer feedback from the last week.

Recent Consumer Feedback

“I do not know of anything that could be improved upon. Everyone was especially nice, answered all my questions and I could not believe how fast we got closed on the property. I want to thank all of you again.” One word that describes WFT:  “Efficient“.  -Retha C. – Fort Myers Home Buyer.

“WFT kept me in the loop during the entire process. And when I did not respond to requests, they were very polite and followed up with me to ensure resolution.” One word that describes WFT:  “Informative“. -Yolanda C. – Fort Myers Home Buyer.

“The staff at Winged Foot Title were courteous, knowledgeable and informative. It was a pleasure to work them.” One word that describes WFT:  “Professional“. -Bob & Sherry C. – Canadian Sellers of Fort Myers Property.

Communications and timeliness as well as a sense of urgency. I can’t think of an area to improve in.” One word that describes WFT:  “Outstanding”. -Tom O. – Fort Myers Home Buyer.

“Customer education, willingness to answer any question and timely communication.” One word that describes WFT:  “Professional“. -Robert Cohen – Fort Myers Home Seller.

I highlighted the words – especially the adjectives – that jumped out at us. Not surprisingly, these are very familiar. Our clients frequently mention communication, courtesy, professionalism, knowledge-ability, education & timeliness as traits which they appreciate in us and the work we do. What’s great about this feedback is that we can hone in on what is important to consumers and improve their experiences by constantly crafting better performance in those areas. So if you’re looking for a way to make what you do more impactful, start by listening.


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