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WOW! Moments

Posted by Chris On March 25

I am traveling today; and as I slumbered through the morning air travel ritual I was startled awake by the unexpected.  I was sincerely wowed by a couple of things that were just out of the ordinary.

If you have ever had the pleasure of flying in or out of Southwest Florida International Airport, you may not be surprised by this morning’s account.  But when I compare the experience at RSW to that at any other airport I’ve been to, I am indeed WOWed.

For example, long term parking at RSW goes something like this.  You pull up to a gate that has the capability of being automated and unattended.  You could push the button and pull your own ticket; but instead, an employee at the gate presses the button, hands you your ticket, and directs you to the the flagman ahead.  Said flagman is standing by the closest row that is not full and directs you into that row.  Ahead, another parking attendant directs incoming vehicles to the closest available parking spots.  Pretty good, huh?  But that’s not all.  Waiting at that closest available spot is the bus that will take you from your car to your airline’s ticketing area.  The bus driver assists every passenger on and off with their luggage.  And the best thing of all, the driver gives every passenger a color-coded slip of paper that reminds them exactly where – in which row and in which section – the passenger has parked.

Do you create what's expected, or what's unexpected?

Now if you’ve only flown from RSW, you may consider this the norm.  I only wish!  I remember many a desolate morning in the long term parking lots at Baltimore-Washington International, for example.  The lots were a wasteland of cars, with no guidance as to where the empty spots may be.  The real adventure begins after a spot is found, when you get to drag your self and your luggage to the “nearest” bus stop to wait for the next bus.  There is no indication of when that bus may come, so you wait, nervous that no bus will ever come and that you’ll miss your flight.

Our business is very process-focused.  We have a very thorough set of systems in place to ensure a consistent and exceptional product.  We spend a lot of time on these systems, gauging their outcomes and constantly revising them to achieve our goal of continuous improvement.  This is what we call the ordinary stuff – the systems that allow us to protect individuals’ and lenders’ property interests and that allow us to do so in such a way that creates meaningful and memorable transactions.

However, we spend an equal amount of time on the extraordinary.  We train our staff to always look for opportunities during the ordinary to be extraordinary.  We devote lots of time in our staff meetings to brainstorming on what we can do to create those WOW moments for our consumer and real estate professional clientele.  Ultimately, those WOW moments are what distinguishes our business from others.  Ultimately, those are the moments that will distinguish your business – no matter what it is – from your competitors’.

If we have ever crafted one those WOW moments for you, please drop me a line to let me know.  And if you have ideas about what we can do to create more of these moments, we would be delighted to hear them.  I’ll start a thread on our Facebook page (Facebook) as well to further explore the issue.  And if you’d like to know what I’m up to in Louisville, follow along at Twitter or right here.

All the best,

-Chris Black,
Winged Foot Title, LLC.

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