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It’s finally that time of the year….

ALTA Annual Meeting

…the 2010 ALTA Conference!

This is Chris Black, reporting live from the events of the conference.

You may be wondering what did I learn and how am I going to use all this new knowledge to improve Winged Foot Title?

Well, I’ve learned a lot while out here in the beautiful city of San Diego, CA.

The happenings of day one weren’t the most exciting, but I did get to meet a ton of people and learn about some of the woes short sales specialists in other areas of the country are experiencing.

As soon as I walked into the conference everyone was welcomed and then released to view the exhibit showcase.

Here I got to see a lot of different companies that offered the latest and greatest technologies for companies that deal with titles.

Something neat that I did see was an iPhone app that allows the user to access key information related to the closing of a sale.

It also had a virtual 2 way street, the ability to notate and upload files and, to me at least, it seemed very user friendly.

As I was walking around the exhibits I meet a few folks from Wisconsin.

I was quite disheartened to hear about how tough the market there currently is.

We discussed how there is currently a race in relation to fees in the Madison area.

This happened in Southwest Florida a few years ago and it definitely eliminated a lot of companies.

Hopefully what I have to share on Friday about agency growth through successful short sale orchestration will help other agencies overcome their problems and start to grow.

Stay tuned for more updates from days two and three!

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