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2011 ALTA Convention – Day One

Posted by Chris On October 13

Well we’ve made it. The girls – my wife Lydia and daughter Emerson – and I left Fort Myers late Tuesday and made it to Jacksonville before packing it in. We started slowly this morning but banked enough time for a quick pit stop in charming Savannah, GA.

We hit Savannah about lunch time. Online and friend reviews took us to Soho South Cafe, which lived up to its billing. Lydia had a Mediterranean grill; Emerson a PB & J; and I the salmon BLT on the recommendation of Liza, our server. The restaurant is an eclectic mix of furniture and art. Its only consistent design element within the warehouse shell is its inconsistency. We were reminded of one of our favorites from Philadelphia – The White Dog Cafe. The lunch crowd was part local – from lawyers talking their first cases before certain testy judges to businessmen – and part tourist. Overall a great spot for our first stop in Savannah.

Savannah is a wonderfully walkable place – quite a welcome reprieve from what we are used to. We strolled from Soho South Cafe to Chippewa Square then snaked through side streets back to the wagon to get back on the road. We were not disappointed when we rolled into Charleston a couple of hours later..

The Charleston Place is a stately place. Make no mistake, it is a thoroughly modern facility; but it is not afraid to show off its maturity. The lobby is very open with a dual staircase in the center ascending to the second floor. Bars, restaurants and shopping gird the first floor in an almost clandestine way. They are there if you want them; but they aren’t in your face, which is nice.

The ALTA staff was on the ball as always and got us registered quickly. I mingled a bit at the ice breaker reception then hurried off to meet the girls for a late dinner. Busy day on tap tomorrow. Planning to meet with Mary O’Donnell, president of our underwriter Westcor Land Title Insurance Company, in the morning before the Agents & Abstractors meeting. Doug Duncan will kick off the general sessions on “Baby Steps to Market Recovery”; then lunch and two sets of professional development sessions in the afternoon.

Stay tuned friends.


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  1. Chris Says:

    I love Savannah, got engaged there in Madison Square! Great Pictures Chris! Keep them coming 🙂 Laura

    Posted on October 13th, 2011 at 5:15 pm

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