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If you are considering a short sale, the effect of such an occurrence may not be the most pressing issue. It could be that unemployment, curtailment of income and other market forces have already wreaked havoc on your credit score.

Nonetheless, or if you are considering a short sale for more strategic reasons, it is important to understand that a short sale will affect your credit worthiness.

Credit scoring is very complex.

It is therefore impossible to say with any certainty how significant or negative an effect a short sale will have on your credit worthiness. A short sale’s effect on credit will depend on many variables, like where your credit score is when you miss a mortgage payment or how many payments you miss before the short sale closes.

If your credit score is of particular concern to you, you may want to discuss the impact of a short sale with a finance or credit professional. You should discuss the short and long term effects, and you should consider what your credit worthiness is worth to you. Ultimately, you should weigh the value of your credit worthiness to the costs associated with maintaining your mortgage payments or foreclosure.

There is one bit of guidance from the finance industry that may help you in your analysis.

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA and VA have guidelines for the eligibility of borrowers for their home loans after events like foreclosure, deed in lieu of foreclosure and short sale. There is even a helpful matrix that compares how each treats borrowers after these events.10 Questions You Should Ask About Florida Short Sales

As you will find, there is little difference between how these financial institutions treat borrowers after foreclosure or short sale. However, the most notable difference is the slightly better grade for potential Fannie Mae borrowers after a short sale.

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