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Florida Short Sales – What You Need To Know

Posted by Chris On December 20

Florida Short Sales - Question Time

If you are reading this you are likely considering or have considered a short sale of real property in Florida. Over the last few years, our title company has orchestrated the closing of over 650 short sales. In the course of our work with sellers, realtors and lenders, we have heard many questions related to Florida short sales. In order to help you prepare for your short sale, I have memorialized the most frequently asked and pressing questions we have received from people just like you who must sell their property but who owe much more than the property is worth.

With each question, I have included analysis of the issue and the best answer I can generally give. However, this is not intended to provide legal advice and should not be relied on as such. In no uncertain terms should this eBook be a substitute for independent legal or tax counsel. Indeed, I encourage everyone who is considering a Florida short sale to discuss these issues and others with appropriate counsel before making any decisions.

10 Questions You Should Ask About Florida Short SalesWhat follows are difficult issues and potentially frustrating answers. I am not going to sugarcoat anything. This discussion is not meant to scare you in any way whatsoever or to dissuade you from considering a short sale. Rather, it is intended to present to you the potential outcomes from your short sale so that you may use that information to make informed decisions about your future.

Download your very own free copy of  “10 Questions You Should Ask About Florida Short Sales” to learn the questions that you need to ask today about your Florida short sale.

Whatever you do, keep reading. Don’t stop coming back out of fear. The best advice I can offer is to tell you to consider all of the facts and all of the possibilities so that you can decide, given the worst case scenarios, from day one whether a short sale is right for you.

If you are about to undergo a short sale and have more questions concerning your files or other closing needs, please contact us at Winged Foot Title, (239) 985-4142.

All the best,

Chris Black , Esq.
Winged Foot Title, LLC.

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