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Fast forward 14 months and YES, “The Hardest Short Sale Ever” had closed!!!

That day was a clear reminder of just how proud I am of our team here at Winged Foot Title. As you may imagine, a process this complicated yielded many useful insights which we employ daily in our operations. But as we surge into 2012, we wanted to share with you three of those  insights that may be helpful in your business as well.

We call them our “Three Cs”:

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This was a great question I was asked earlier this week, during a short sale process presentation I did to a group of REALTOR’s from Sellstate Priority Realty, a very successful brokerage in Cape Coral, Florida.  It was a very engaged group, and I was glad when someone asked a question about what to do about a junior lien in a primary home short sale scenario.

Here is a short video clip (about 4 minutes) that addresses this common issue:

So as you heard, Liz and Lynda presented the following scenario of a primary home short sale of a Cape Coral property. The owner of the property is disabled and can no longer afford the home.  Here are the details:

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Winged Foot Title Travels to Great Lengths to close Short Sales (photo courtesy of Carl Wycoff)

What lengths would you go to in order to save your bank mortgage short sale from foreclosure?

Our team at Winged Foot Title refuses to take “NO” for an answer!

After being told that a Saxon Mortgage short sale was a lost cause, Winged Foot Title persevered and got Freddie Mac to approve the short sale and save it from the brink of foreclosure.

This is just one of the examples of the lengths to which our team will go to get the job done.

How many times have you heard of a bank mortgage short sale story like this?

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Step 5: What Happens After A Home Short Sale?

Posted by Chris On August 18

Now that you understand the Mortgage and the Note, you can really understand what happens after…

This is the 5th step in our series “12 Things You Should Know to Survive a Short Sale.”

a home short sale (we’re assuming here for ease that the real estate property was a home).

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