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Congratulations! Your short sale offer was approved!

We want you to know that as a short sale realtor, you’re in good hands with Winged Foot Title. We believe in exceptional service without exception.

As you know, there are three main ingredients to a successful short sale.  They are

  • Communication
  • Patience
  • Preparedness

First, communication is key to a successful short sale closing. It is our goal to communicate effectively and professionally. We have three full-time employees solely dedicated to ensure your short sale file is communicated and closed in a timely fashion.

We have closed over 250 short sales, therefore, we are highly experienced and have a communication process that works. We notify the listing agent with weekly updates. The listing agent then updates the buyer’s agent and in turn the buyer. This way everyone is in the loop and knows what to expect.

Secondly, patience is a virtue when it comes to short sales. If you follow my blog, you may hear me say this often. As a short sale realtor, you are aware that some files may close in 8 days others may take 6 months. It all depends on the details of the transaction. Please don’t be discouraged and keep in mind that we are doing everything we can to get to the closing table as quickly as possible.

The final key ingredient to a successful short sale closing is preparedness.

One very important but often overlooked detail to consider is how the buyers wish to take title of the property. It’s imperative to have the contract written up the way the buyers want to take title or this could cause major delays…even starting the process over! Buyer’s agents should be prepared to ask if the buyers are going to keep the property in their name or possibly change it to a LLC or possibly a trust.

Also, be prepared and make sure the buyer’s home mortgage financing or funds are in place and ready to go as soon approval is granted.

And finally, if we require additional information from the buyer, please be prepared get it to us in a timely fashion. Time is of the essence.

If you are a short sale realtor and have more questions concerning your files or other closing needs, please contact us at Winged Foot Title (239) 985-4142.


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